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dont tread wall tapestry

dont tread wall tapestry

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This one-of-a-kind flag as a spin on the classic 'Dont Tread On Me' A.K.A. Gadsden Flag which was created during the Revolutionary War and is often used in the United States as a symbol of 2nd amendment rights.

I made this flag as a symbol for our movement as warriors of light, holding higher vibrations and ushering in a new Earth built on Love and not fear.

We stand for personal sovereignty & freedom on an energetic level, not just with regards to the 2nd amendment.

☆ Dimensions: 36" x 26"
☆ 100% Polyester
☆ Water and mildew resistant

Secure your energetic sovereignty with this vibrant "Dont Tread On My Energy" tapestry! Featuring a bold reminder to stay in your power and not let other people's energy drain you - this tapestry is sure to keep you in the vibes! Wave your energetic banner and don't let anyone trample your warrior spirit! #donttreadonme 🤗

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